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The Story

Some time ago, a small girl gleefully raided bin bags of family hand-me-downs for hidden gems. Less time ago, she turned to charity shops and vintage stores where her rummaging turned up treasures that made her the envy of her less patient friends. More recently the girl was painfully aware she was approaching 30 and that the last 10 years spent working in various offices have not bought her fulfilment.

So she quit.

Loose Lips is a risk, it’s my rebellion, it’s the culmination of my ‘where did the last ten years go and what did I do in them’ panic. It’s my decision to make the next ten years count. I'm cashing in on my love of the rummage to bring you curated collections of second hand clothes that I've put my own personal stamp on.

Combining my love of art with style, I'm attacking any and all items of clothing within my reach with paints, studs and anything else that I think might make it look interesting. To make something new from old, to challenge the homogeny of the high street and above all, to have a great f*cking time doing it. It won’t always go right and it won’t always be pretty but the aim is to express myself freely. Through doing so I hope to create wearable and durable art fashion that allows others to express themselves.

Over the last few years I've developed a huge admiration for independent business owners. People who are makers. Morally conscious individuals who source their materials responsibly. The more I watch them, the more I want to be one of them. This is another reason why - in an age of nigh on disposable fashion - revisiting clothing of the past and giving it a second chance is deeply important to me.

I hope the future of Loose Lips will bring some hand crafted leather, limited runs of printed tees, creative collaborations galore and a smile to both your face and mine.

The Models

I knew from the outset that choosing the right models was going to be important to me. Loose Lips models are people I know, love and admire. Not just pretty faces they have lives, minds and dreams of their own which I find inspiring and I believe others will too.

Shying away from the commercial they’re not any particular size, shape, race or sexual orientation. They’re just excellent humans doing what I consider to be excellent things. If in any way I can help draw attention to those things, I will be delighted. I'm really grateful that they’re willing to take time out of their everyday to work with me. Not to mention that they’re happy for me to share anecdotes about their loves, fears and dreams with the world.